4-5 February 2024


Meet Block

Stand number F.243


Den Brielstraat 14
1055 RV Amsterdam Nederland

About us

Two-thirds of the world’s population has a smartphone. And moments without rrrrrrrings, pings, pushes and Likes are rare. Almost a luxury you could say. BLOCK helps you find a healthy balance between being connected and when not. Simply because smartphones have no connection in this modern and stylish version of the Faraday Cage (1836).

It functions as a beacon of space, rest, attention and silence in these hyper-connected times. But it’s also a statement about breaking the habit of having a smartphone always on you, or in sight. In BLOCK our smartphones now have a fixed place where they can no longer interrupt. And this might even help us notice how much we used it. And how hooked we are.

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'Block uses 19th-century tech to combat smartphone addiction' - dezeen
€ 119,00