4-5 February 2024

Smith & Sinclair

Eat Your Drink - It’s about sophistication, not intoxication!


Rijnkade 14
1382 GS Weesp Nederland
0294 414 093

About us

Have you heard of alcoholic cocktail gummies? Probably not because it is a new phenomenon in the Netherlands. These gummies bring back the best times of our childhood with the guilty pleasures of adulthood. This is because our cocktail gummies are candies which has the most flavourful cocktail flavours infused in them. To enhance the real cocktail flavour, we use premium liquors, cocktail bitters, dried fruits and different herbs. Because of these mixtures, you'll experience delicious sweet gummies that taste exactly like your favorite cocktails. On top of that, the gummies are also vegan! The gummies contain only 5% of alcohol, which allows you to taste the actual cocktail flavour .
It's about sophistication, not intoxication!