3-4 September 2023


A stunning piece from the natural idea

Stand number E.210


Van Boisotring 93
2722AB Zoetermeer Netherlands

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About us

Art seems to be a sophisticated and difficult thing for many people. We realize that and we want to make sure that everyone can explore the essence of art. We believe that art is the fundamental of life. It’s in everyday life and also in the deep roots of every culture. Therefore, we decide to make it simple so anyone can learn about it just by touch and feel.

Our concept originally born in Thailand and we aim to reflect the world of art that anyone can easily understand. We believe that in every family, there’s always has the story to tell so we work with local artisans who inherit the knowledge and skill from their family.

Highlights from the collection

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Palm Vase
Palm Vase
Representative of ‘the palm leaf’. Size S,M,L
Diva Vase
Diva Vase
Purity and innocence of the Scandinavian vibe. Size S,M
Congo Vase
Congo Vase
Petit hand-crafted porcelain ceramic vase.