3-4 September 2023

SCENTORIE. candles

Stand number E.194

About us

We are a young candle company that create luxurious, handpoured candles made from rapeseed wax.

My name is Susanne Peuker and I am the founder of SCENTORIE.
Since I was always getting headaches from scented candles, I learned about their harmful ingredients and started to create them on my own. SCENTORIE creates scented candles that are not only elegant in design, but made with clean, sustainable ingredients.

Our candles are safe for you and your home as they are free from toxic fragrance components (UV-filter, phthalates, nitro- and polycyclic musks, allergens etc.). To guarantee this high quality of our products, we are working with specialized perfumers, who have the knowledge to create fine fragrances without using any of the commonly used, harmful fragrance ingredients.

- Self-designed, translucent glasses that can be refilled or reused as a vase
- A beautiful product packaging that makes additional gift packaging superfluous

- Modern, premium signature scents
- Avoidance of 26 allergenic fragrance ingredients defined by the EU
- No use of toxic and hormonal fragrance ingredients such as phthalates, UV filters, nitro- and polycyclic musk etc.
- Long candle burning time of 60 hours (10,5 oz)

- 100% rapeseed wax sourced from the EU
- No use of raw materials based on mineral oil / petroleum, such as paraffin
- GMO-free, avoidance of genetically modified ingredients
- Vegan