4-5 February 2024



Veemarktstraat 34
5038CV Tilburg Nederland

About us

Since 2009, smikkels has been Inge and Sjoerd's platform that young parents visit to make their own baby food. They have always enjoyed doing this and will continue to do so. However, the desire to design a collection that matches this target group remained. Until 2022, because Smikkels is now not only there for recipes, but we also have a modest sustainable no-nonsense collection of cheerfully colored products for dining and for on the go. Sustainable through the use of responsible materials that can be reused or have already been reused. Also we do our best to use as little plastic as possible in our packaging. Smikkels products are always the more sustainable choice. Just think how much longer our stainless steel drinking bottle lasts than a plastic drinking bottle. Or our backpacks, made of RPET material, a canvas made from recycled PET bottles. We will continue to expand our collection in this way and look forward to a collaboration with new customers that is just as sustainable.

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