1-2 September 2024

Urband London

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Leeuwarderstraatweg 162
8441PH Heerenveen Nederland

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G-Force BV
Robert Meijer

About us

Urband London is a jewellery brand that celebrates individuality and creates instantly wearable, contemporary bracelets and double-sided pendants to style, stack and standout.

We want you to look great and feel amazing!

Our bracelets collection combines the old with the new - the classical wristwatch band with contemporary innovative designs. Stainless steel, sustainable, high quality bracelets with original patterns. Nickel-free, waterproof and scratch-resistant, finished with two magical textures - polished and luxurious metallic - and in four widths 18mm, 10mm skinnies, 6mm super skinnies and 22mm super wide. Transforming these bracelets into wearable art and presenting them to a new fashionable generation. If you wear and Apple or Fitbit Versa 2 & 3 Watch you can now URBAND YOUR TIME with a new Apple/Fitbit Watch bracelet from our new Watch bracelets collections.

Our double-sided unisex pendants collection is available in two sizes and compliment the bracelets.

Our ring collection is a further cute addition to the Urband London family.

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Spots Panter Collectie
Spots Panter Collectie
€ 30,00