3-4 September 2023

My little temple

Stand number A.23b


Merel 83
1965 EP Heemskerk Nederland

About us

What would you like to give a special place? Is it that piece of jewelry that you don't wear and lies in a drawer when it's so much more fun to look at it every now and then? Or that sweet note, beautiful photo, a special gemstone or just a cute flower that makes you happy?

Maybe you're looking for a place that gives comfort with a text that touches you or a memory of someone you miss.

My little temple is a stylish and robust interior accessory where you can cherish your memories and treasures.

Each (handmade) cherish place is equipped with magnets, recesses and/or hanging hooks on which you can hang or place your precious memories or finds. You can use it as a collection place for beautiful objects to motivate you, to manifest or inspire something, but it can also help you with grief and sadness.