3-4 September 2023

TCandle NL

Stand number A.23e


veghel Netherlands

About us

T Candle is a long term Australian small business that relocated to the Netherlands this year (2022) after I met my dutch husband-to-be. My name is Tahnee and I started T Candle Australia before the global pandemic began, based on my own need to have something safe yet scented to burn in my own home.I was frustrated with spending money on candles and melts that didn’t have a good scent range when burning, or that left so much wax on the sides that I felt my money was wasted. I also was part of an environmentally motivated business at the time, working alongside the Great Barrier Reef regeneration foundations and eco friendly movement. So I felt there was a massive hole in the market for eco-friendly, family safe yet luxury scented candles. After spending the better part of a year testing and trialing products and creating, I opened my own small business in candles and it boomed! It became a joy to provide something special but friendly for the environment. My small business in Queensland, Australia is still selling strong and is now driven by a wonderful fellow woman in business. I love to focus on the handcrafted aspect of my production, every T Candle customer holds a small part of my life, time and energy in the hands and in their homes when they purchase from me. It is also given the pet-friendly tick of approval from my cute associate Moet, my beloved cavapoo pup. It is a privilege I feel deeply to share my creative products with the world and bring some scented eco-luxury into others lives that doesn't take away from the beautiful environment we try to protect and love.