4-5 February 2024



Hoza 51
00-681 Warsaw Poland

About us

We are a Polish brand of colorful and sustainable socks and accessories designed to bring fun and wear well. Since 2013 we try to focus on simple products with an unconventional twist so they can meet with virtually everyone’s need and bring some colors to their lives :)
What can you find in our offer?
- organic cotton socks, colorful socks with various patterns, classic suit socks
- warm beanies
- original scarves
- woven belts
- minimalistic pins
- scented candles
- soft cotton blankets
… so basically everything that will be perfect as a gift!

We are very proud that all KABAK products are made 100% in Poland. They are also vegan and therefore completely free of any kind of animal origin material. Fair trade, cruelty free and zero waste movements are also very close to us, which is why we are reducing waste and replacing packaging with ecological ones - all our boxes, labels and other printed materials are made of kraft paper (made entirely of recycled paper) or crush (made from organic waste such as citrus, coffee, grapes and olives). We choose our production sources responsibly to ensure that the entire cycle is not hurting anyone.

Sounds interesting? We’d be happy to tell you more about us and what we do at our stand ! :)