4-5 February 2024

Frank and Lucie

a touch of character

Stand number G.300


Stieltjesweg 18
6827BV Arnhem Nederland

B2B Sales
G-Force BV
robert meijer

About us

Frank en Lucie Seemore are originally from London. But now they live more often in the countryside close to the sea. Here they find everything they need and for their cultural needs, London is close by. It all started with a collection of Essentials. Really great ready readers of beautiful material, with perfect reading lenses and a bluelight filter. Each season Frank puts new models and colors to the collection.. Not too fashionable, but easy following trends. They must always remain typical Frank and Lucie, with that ‘je-ne-sais-qoi’ vintage look and feel. A touch of Charactere. Accessories Since 2020 Frank designs accessories too. First he didn’t want too, but Lucie insisted on great eyewear chains, chunky and delicate models, to wear as framechains or as necklaces to hang the frame in. Not only helpful, but also very, very elegant. The collection grows each season and has acrylic ones, and chains made of light metal, or even the luxurious acetate all Frank and Lucies are made of. Look at the accessories here. I WISH IT WAS Sunday everyday And then happened what Frank and Lucie never thought of, their youngest daughter asked him to design the ultimate pair of sunglasses for her. Lucie was thrilled and together they created Sunday, one tasty and chunky model in 6 six great colours. More bold than Frank ever dared, but he is happy if his girls are. The lovely names are a mirror to society, we all want to kiss, hug and embrace dont we? So choose your See Me, Hold Me or Touch Me and get lingered to this Sunday feeling. Look at the Sunday collection here. HOW TO Digital detox Since the bluelight filters are more and more wanted, Frank and Lucie decided to make their readers which all have bluelight filters in a new strenght: +0. That means, no strenght, only bluelight filter. But a real great one! Frank says ‘Lucie makes me wanna screen’. No more tired eyes, no redness, no headaches and good sleeps! Look at the screens here.