3-4 September 2023

Saudade Collective

Stand number D.150


Minister Kanstraat 34
7811 GR Emmen Nederland
+31 (0)651 313 373

About us

The origin of Saudade Collective lies in my love for art, culture, craft and storytelling. I travel to immerse myself in other cultures. Look at art to get inspired. Tell hidden stories and cherish my heirlooms for the memories they hold.

With a collection that is not only produced fairly and sustainably, but is also beautiful and unique in shape, material and creation, Saudade Collective tells a different narrative. We create collectables that you, as the owner, enjoy not only because they look beautiful, but also because they are made in a beautiful way. You know that the objects originated from the craft of a maker, who made the object by hand under good conditions and for a living income.