4-5 February 2024


Circular cleaning products for a more conscious household


Amsterdam The Netherlands

About us

Boavistacircular turns waste into cleaning products.

Our soaps are made from recycled cooking oil collected from restaurants and households in Amsterdam.
This way, we prevent cooking oil waste from ending in our waters and soil.
It’s estimated that 1L of oil can contaminate 40.000L of water.

Another great product is our recycled fishing nets sponges, which can replace regular sponges as they last ten times longer.
The nets are rescued from the oceans and hand-sewn ethically by a group of women in a poor community in the South of Brazil. They are generating income and supporting local work.
It’s an alternative to reinvent this extremely resistant material that can be deadly for marine life once left at the bottom of the ocean, commonly known as “ghost gear.”

Our brand positively impacts our environment, so join our project.

Highlights from the collection

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Solid Dish soap
Solid Dish soap
Our homemade solid dish soap is a bar with strong cleaning properties and rich, thick consistency. We use recycled oil instead of fresh oils; after filtering and cleaning the used oil, leaving no smell of deep-fried oil, it is ready to be the base of Boa
€ 8,95
Recycled fishing net sponge
Recycled fishing net sponge
80% of ocean pollution is plastic; a significant part of this number comes from the fishing industry. These sponges are an excellent replacement for the common sponges that need to be thrown away every other month and can't be recycled. Made from discar
€ 9,90