4-5 February 2024

Flame Away

Safety and design combined

Stand number A.33


Handboogstraat 5
2613PZ Delft Netherlands

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Flame Away BV
Max Nijman

About us

Most people do not have a fire extinguisher at home; if they do, it is often stored in the back of a closet. The Flame Away is a decorative throwaway fire-extinguishing tool. At best, it is only decorative. But then if there is a fire, you grab the Flame Away and throw it into the fire. That way you can quickly extinguish a starting solid fire and keep the damage limited. And if the fire is already big, you can use the Flame Away to create a safe way out. Also, the Flame Away is sustainable; no plastic is used and the extinguishing agent does not harm people or nature. So you have a life-saving tool that is always nearby, fast and intuitive to use without maintenance or other concerns.