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About us

We proudly present the result of 43 years of experience in bags and accessories made from special types of leather. May we briefly take you through the history and traditions of this beautiful, purely Dutch brand?

In 1974, the first Berba wallets were created near Maastricht in South Limburg. Because we only combined exceptionally supple, “caressable” leathers with a unique design, Berba quickly became a household name in the Netherlands and beyond.

The son of the founder Berry Kuckelkorn is now the second generation within the family business.

At Berba we hold on to our traditions. One of these is combining colors and materials, giving the product the recognizable “Berba look”. A second feature is the so-called “piping”. We finish every product with these special piping that protects the edges against wear. We find the inside just as important as the outside, so we make many of the inside parts of our bags in the same leather as the outside. Our accessories are even fully lined with leather!

The soft material, the piping and the generous use of leather on the insides give a luxurious feeling, so you quickly become attached to your bag or wallet. Moreover, our manufacturing method results in an exceptionally long lifespan. Partly because of this, Berba is a particularly sustainable brand.

In addition to sustainability, functionality is a spearhead. We design our bags and accessories without losing sight of the user. Because you carry important items in your bag, it is important that you can store everything safely. That's exactly why we always integrate so many zipper pockets, both on the inside and on the outside.
We like sober and clear design. A Berba bag or wallet is never flashy, but above all modest, timeless.

A good product does not need a large logo, which is why we do not use striking marks. We place our typical logo small, subtle, but still very recognizable.

“We remain true to our philosophy and with our constant focus on quality we strive to make people fans of our brand.”

Highlights from the collection

Prices shown are recommended retail prices

Icon Tote bag (885-115-11)
Icon Tote bag (885-115-11)
The Icons is a collection made of very high-quality cowhide and suitable for every situation. Whether you have a chic outfit or a more cool one, you can do it all with the Icons! Every bag from this collection is finished with black lace leather.
€ 249,95
Olly business bag (15 inch laptop) (898-122-32)
Olly business bag (15 inch laptop) (898-122-32)
Stand out with this modern, slim business bag from Berba's Olly series! The supple deep black leather combines beautifully with the matte waterproof canvas with which the top is finished. Subtle details in cognac-colored leather complete the bag.
€ 169,95
Chamonix Bucket bag S (125-052-07) + Wallet (121-920-07)
Chamonix Bucket bag S (125-052-07) + Wallet (121-920-07)
This bag from the well-known Chamonix series shows that at Berba we can pack a lot of useful things into a very modestly sized bag ;) The bag can be worn with a short shoulder strap or a long one, with which you can carry the bag "crossbody".
€ 129,95
Vanber Daypack (211-001-00)
Vanber Daypack (211-001-00)
The Daypack is made of Desserto, Vanber's sustainable cactus leather. This material has a unique mix of properties: durable, breathable, weather-resistant and soft to the touch. The back is made of 100% recycled nylon.
€ 299,95