3-4 September 2023


Jan Agelink - buro jantrendman:

“ For this edition of the trend zone, I was inspired by the Sensorama Simulator: a machine from 1962 that plays 3D films accompanied by sound, smell and wind. It also reminded me of a diorama in which you briefly enter another world.

We have translated this into a stage, divided into four equal quarters, that forms a landscape where you can be inspired. Just like in the Sensorama, in closed cubes you can retreat for a while for a total experience.”


Maker Market  Making and tinkering yourself, in other words: getting started with your hands in a workshop
Wonder Room  Focus on the subconscious and escapism, in the style of a digital dreamscape.
Biosphere  A world in which nature, symbiosis and biobased materials are central.
Mindspace A futuristic but comfortable lounge with attention for cocooning, caring and connecting.