2+3 september 2018

Ecoffee Cup

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Via Five Minutes BV

No-one likes to be made feel guilty. But we are faced with some very stark choices. Continue with what we're doing and hope for the best. Or make some change: not necessarily big, but practical, do-able change. Like single-use cups. We know statistics can be boring but let's not forget that 100,000,000,000 cups go to landfill each year; all those zeroes are pretty hard to ignore. And things don't just get better by themselves, in fact close to half-a-trillion single-use cups will be manufactured this year alone. Most will end up as trash. And that's why we created Ecoffee Cup. Not from plastic, ceramic or stainless steel. But with the planet's most sustainable, fastest-growing resource: naturally organic, naturally sterile bamboo fibre. Light, bright and beautiful to drink from and with no nasty plasticky after taste Ecoffee Cup truly is the Natural Reusable.

Ecoffee Cup Ecoffee Cup
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