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perlenfischer design stamps

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Perlenfischer, the manufacturer for handmade stamps, was founded by graphic designer Katja Kücherer in 2010. After studying and working for many years in the field of media and magazine design Katja rediscovered the art of stamping. Already as a schoolgirl, Katja was fascinated by stamps and their unadorned nature. „I like the simplicity, small works of art can be produced with minimal effort. For me, stamping is more than just making a mark. It can transform the smallest piece of paper into something special.“

Mother of two sons, Katja first began her business on the DIY market place Dawanda – circus and amusing monster motifs were her first success, selling out in no time. Katja gradually extended her collection – whilst still working as a graphic designer – before deciding in 2012 to focus solely on Perlenfischer.

Her stamp collection has since grown to include over 300 designs, extending from nature and animals to graphic elements and borders, and of course the still highly-popular circus & monster stamps. From 4 motive cube stamps to mini stamps and stamp sets, fans of scrapbooks, crafts and stationery will find everything for their DIY requirements.

Her motifs are simple and highly graphic, „Because I like purity,“ says Katja. She creates her designs with great care and passion: „I sketch ideas and discard them, make small changes, add a line here and remove one there, until the stamp is perfect.“

The Perlenfischer stamps are produced exclusively in Germany and in close co-operation with the manufacturers. „Personal contact is very important to us. Only through close collaboration can we offer an end product that we are completely satisfied with and would enjoy using ourselves.“

Perlenfischer stamps are available online http://www.perlenfischerdesign.de, in the showroom at Eckenheimer Landstraße 91 in Frankfurt am Main and in 300 shops worldwide.

Have fun exploring and stamping!

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