2+3 september 2018

by Wirth

Standnummer G.340

//Designer Meubels Woonaccessoires



DESIGN THAT LOVES GROWING OLD The vision is making design with longevity, based on natural materials and a clean timeless design. The long lasting design philosophy is important to by Wirth. The world has embraced by Wirth´s simple, warm Nordic style; today our products are sold in more than 15 countries worldwide. DANISH DESIGN The design is clean and functional, and will melt seamlessly into any style as well as simplify a busy everyday life. Our philosophy is to make beautiful everyday design which can withstand frequent use -for many years. We work with genuine natural materials such as tanned leathers and oak, which is why our products will age with beauty and patina.

by Wirth by Wirth by Wirth by Wirth by Wirth by Wirth
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