2+3 september 2018


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A bottle of wine always goes down well as a gift – be it for birthdays, weddings, or when you’re invited over for a meal. But as popular as it is to give people wine, it’s also pretty unspectacular. Now there is a solution called »TYPEWINE«. With our labels you can transform a normal bottle of wine into a real eye-catching present in no time. Simply cover over the label on the wine bottle with a TYPEWINE sticker – done!

This season, TYPEWINE presents two new collections:

// Metallic Gold Edition
„And then I met you“ ... With our Love-Edition the most beautiful thing just got that little bit more beautiful. Romantic wine labels, each designed in striking typography. The labels have a high-quality finish with gold lettering.

// Poster Collection
Bring some bright boldness to your home – these entertaining typographical posters really give the best sayings the attention they deserve! Fine art print in gallery quality that makes a wonderful addition to almost all interior design styles.

TYPEWINE – The boutique store for typographical wine gifts.

Michael Felix Kijac 
D-Paulinenallee 46, 20259 Hamburg
+49 176 80 111 861, www.typewine.com

Instagram & Facebook: #typewine

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