4+5 februari 2018


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Typewine – Labels for impressive wine gifts.

A bottle of wine always goes down well as a gift – be it for birthdays, weddings, or when you’re invited over for a meal. But as popular as it is to give people wine, it’s also pretty unspectacular.

Now there is a solution called »Typewine«. With Typewine labels you can transform a normal bottle of wine into a real eye-catching present in no time. Simply cover over the label on the wine bottle with a Typewine sticker – done! Make a lasting impression the next time you give wine gift: Always a great present, Simple to stick on, Covers up the original label, Guaranteed to make an impression, Cheers!

At Typewine we combine entertaining slogans (e.g. I'm on a wine diet, I've already lost three days.) with striking typography to create a wine label collection for design-savvy wine lovers. Cover over the normal label on a wine bottle with your Typewine label and give you and your friends something to smile about.

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