3+4 februari 2019


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ME&MATS is on a mission. Okay, we might not change the world, but we WILL make a difference. We are overwhelmed with Joy and intend to be contagious.

ME&MATS invites you to spread the Feel Good feeling with us. Joining is easy. Just sit down and think for a minute: what does it take to brighten up one’s day? We will hand you the answer and it is actually quite simple. It’s little things. It’s a hug, a good laugh, a compliment, a shared cup of tea. It’s all about paying attention.

ME&MATS converts happiness into funny, funky, wholehearted candles, chocolate, cards and more to come. All ME&MATS products contain a little message to cheer up, love life, be happy. A Feel Good Virus worth sharing.

Meanwhile, you might envy us a bit. We reap what we sow: we live the ME&MATS mission and found out that spreading the Feel Good Virus gets us loads of positive energy en loving feedback. Why don’t you try!?

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