1-2 september 2024

ENAMEL Copenhagen

Our purpose is to create joy through beautiful design


Dronning Olgas Vej 15A, 1 sal
2000 Frederiksberg Denmark
+ 45 52 39 10 01

B2B Sales
Bodewes Fashion
Mirjam Stehmann
+31 35 2400207

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ENAMEL Copenhagen is a Danish jewelry brand founded in 2012. Our journey began in a small basement, and today, ENAMEL is one of the best sold jewelry brands in Scandinavia, currently headed to take on the European market. The name ENAMEL is inspired by the hard material of enamel, which is one of the best- known features of our jewelries. Today, we incorporate lovely and colorful details of enamel in a great part of our jewelry. ENAMEL Copenhagen combines elegance, colorfulness and playfulness giving each piece of jewelry a unique expression. Every piece of jewelry is crafted in 18-karat gold-plated sterling silver and is produced in Thailand, where we cooperate with both big and small jewelry work-shops. We aim to sell our jewelries in a price range where no customer is excluded, without compromising with the quality of each piece of jewelry.