2+3 september 2018

Renske Versluijs

Fashion & Accessoires Designer Sieraden



Dutch designer Renske Versluijs launched her own label in 2010. She has a natural love for materials, colour and patterns, which you’ll see when discovering her collection.

The accessories are made of soft French leather in lush pastel shades and bright copper and have pink copper fittings. The accessory collection consists of belts, bracelets, handbags, wallets and more.

The jewelry collection is comprised of unexpected material combinations such as porcelain with oak wood and pink copper. The collection is designed in bold shapes, complimented with distinct colours and elegant hand drawn patterns.

All items are made of materials that are sourced in Europe. The leather comes from France and the pink copper fittings from Italy. The items are handmade in Holland and by a family owned company in Portugal. Renske is proud of the fact that every item she designs is made in Europe.

Renske Versluijs Renske Versluijs Renske Versluijs Renske Versluijs Renske Versluijs Renske Versluijs
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