7-8 februari 2021

House of Sakk

Standnummer G.226

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House of Sakk is born from a passion for traveling and the fascination for wonderful cultures.
We are always looking for the best quality of leather, suède and locally hand-woven fabrics.
We are honored to take you with us on our hunt for the finest products and materials.
Our products are knowable by lovely braids & charming details.
The style of House of Sakk is best described as cosy with a confident and cool detail.

We have dedicated factories in Bali & Java with a work force of local artisans who create all the products by hand.

House of Sakk adheres strictly to fair trade regulations.
All our beloved people work under good conditions and receive a fair financial compensation.
We believe that fair trade the engine is behind a sustainable economic development.

House of Sakk is a fast growing fair made luxury label. We offer a large collection of bags to pillow to furniture.
You can find our products at the finest luxury departments and concept stores all over the world.