1+2 september 2019

Docteur Paper

Woonaccessoires Stationery & Boeken Designer



From New York to Osaka passing by Barcelona or London, Docteur Paper takes us on a whole journey through his series of illustrations «Travel with me»

With a mix of architecture and typographie, each spot is highlighted on the poster of his favorites cities and he invites us, as a travel guide to follow his crushes all around the world, just to remember our most beautiful trips.

When he travels, he takes notes, pictures and he draws as much as he can on site, to catch the full spirit of the city so he doesn’t forget it until he gets back home. If you ever come to one of his exhibition, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see his sketchbook from his different trips, the ones who help him create the final city illustration.

The different illustrations are hand-made and drawn minutely on a A4 size and then printed on a Rives Ivoir paper of 250g with the giclée print technique to get the perfect hand-made rendering.

Quite often, limited prints are edited with different techniques like screenprint or letterpress.

Every single print is signed by hand before being sent to its future owner, hoping you could remember your most beautiful trips and planning new ones.

Since 2012, « Travel with me » collection is growing with Docteur Paper's trips and inspirations.

Docteur Paper Docteur Paper Docteur Paper Docteur Paper Docteur Paper Docteur Paper
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