27-28 september 2020


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In Materia Rica we combine technology and craftsmanship in order to create jewellery and objects that embellish your everyday life.
Through them, we would like you to find your own formula to show yourself and express a bold and inquisitive outlook on life.

Materia Rica. Choose your style, wear your story.

In Materia Rica we practice the Neo Craft. That is, we take advantage of technology to put it
at the service of creation, always respecting the unique and exclusive finishing touches only
found in handmade products. That is the reason why each of our pieces is laser carved in our
workshop in Barcelona, and then it is hand painted and finished in order to achieve their
characteristic uniqueness.

Also, we use natural environmentally friendly materials such as black walnut or birch wood.
We make a point at working with local suppliers too, as we are aware of our business
environment and how important it is to foster our own industry and to revitalise close by