1+2 september 2019


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LEUCHTTURM1917 - Details make all the diffrence

For years, we have been marketing our products as "analogue notebook". This concept is now more relevant than ever. The world around us is moving faster; text, messages, voicemail, images, videos, 24/7- the digital world never sleeps. There are always more stimuli out there that won't allow us to switch off. It distracts us and takes the focus off what is important.

Recently, more and more people have begun to realise that we all need to spend some time away from our digital companions and enjoy a break from the stress associated with the contant ping of emails, messages, notifications and round the clock new alerts. We need to be offline more, to unplug and recharge ourselves; we need a DIGITAL DETOX.

By drawing upon our vast experience and continuity, we are always rethinking and redeveloping our range. Notebooks and planners that allow you to store your ideas and help plan your life. We stand firmly by our belief that the small details make all the difference.

We are looking forward to meet you at the show up.

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