27-28 september 2020

Chili Klaus

Koken en tafelen Food Scandinavisch



Chili Klaus has really made chili and chili tastings popular in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. He has eaten some of the world’s hottest chilies in front of a rolling camera with various celebrities from Denmark and Scandinavia.
Chili Klaus’ videos have millions of views on Youtube and Facebook. And they brought him both a TV2 Zulu award for most entertaining video and a Mad+Medie (Food+Media) Award for ‘food on social media in Denmark’.
Chili Klaus has appeared several times on the award-winning American show on Youtube called “Hot Ones”, which has millions of followers.
Besides his social media presence Chili Klaus has developed a range of chili-products for retail and specialty shops – all products with chili as a main ingredient. His products are sold in all of Scandinavia, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.
Chili Klaus’ book »Den er go’ i ørerne« is published in Denmark and Norway.

Chili Klaus Chili Klaus Chili Klaus Chili Klaus Chili Klaus Chili Klaus
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