27-28 september 2020

Bal Designs

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Bal Designs is an international label by the Lithuanian designer Rita Balta, based in Cologne, Germany. Her unique bags and wallets made from a used basketball have been exhibited at fairs such as the Tokyo Design Week, the New York Design Week, Vilnius Design Week. The journey of every Bal Designs bum bag or case starts on the court. After withstanding years of training, victories and losses, rain and concrete – at some point, every basketball’s time comes to an end. As a material, the rough leather provides the ideal basis for the bag, which takes the shape of the ball and thus sits perfectly in your hand. Each of the Bal Designs cases is a unique item, tells its own story, and is handmade with care in Germany. The production is time and energy intensive due to the material. Furthermore, it contributes to environmental protection and resource conservation.

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