27-28 september 2020


Kids Meubels Scandinavisch



Via New Kid Agency

Nofred is a Scandinavian lifestyle brand of iconic, beautiful and playful interior products for kids, founded on the belief that "it’s the little things that make up the bigger picture". HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS Nofred was born in Denmark in 2014 and have a home in the heart of Copenhagen. By combining a love from our roots in Danish design with a global outlook, we always seek to thread inspiration from all over the world through each product’s design process. This has created an identity that we believe celebrates the best of both. Our products are initially developed in close collaboration with Danish cabinetmakers, to ensure every Nofred piece is about timelessness, quality and superior craftsmanship. CREATING UNIQUE MOMENTS IN CHILDHOOD At Nofred, we seek to design products that will create magical childhood memories, are functional, and suits every home’s personal design. We would go as far as to say it is in our DNA. We imagine a home in which to explore and grow, filled with imagination and creativity for our beloved small ones. A Universe, where kids’ interior blends into the adult interior of the home, becomes a part of the family to be passed on for generations, and where new friends might take the shape of a small mouse, a flying rug or a harbour house.

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