3-4 september 2023

Donkey Products

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We are a design brand. We are product developers. We are an idea agency. But most of all we are working in entertainment. This is because with each one of our products we like to tell a little story. You know, one of those stories that puts a smile on your face. That´s our core business objective. That´s what always bring us back to creating new collections – that are always full of joy. We call it the DONKEY EFFECT. GERMAN BRAIN. GERMAN HEART. GERMAN DONKEY. Its true: Within at the development process we tend to behave very German. Calm, focussed and a little stubborn. Well, yes, like a donkey! But then again there is also this other thing that we have got going around the office: fun! This is how our product innovations come alive!– made for curious, design-loving, open-minded people.