4-5 februari 2024


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Driven by a fascination of Nordic style and living, Founder Betina Stampe established Bloomingville in year 2000. She succeeded with such passion and devotion that the company became part of Regent Holding in 2014. Bloomingville was then launched in US, taking the new market by storm with a Scandinavian take on home interior designs.

In 2015 our little sister, Bloomingville MINI, saw the light of day to delight the little ones with Nordic designs at a children’s level. While launched as an add-on to Bloomingville, our little sister quickly picked up the pace and today it has its own brand for the little interior fashionista.

Being part of Regent Holding opened for the possibility to expand Bloomingville as a multi-brand house with Creative Collection launched in 2018. Creative Collection offers strong and characterful collections with authentic Founds as focal point, bringing to the table upcycled treasures with stories to tell.

Newest family member is ILLUME x Bloomingville. ILLUME x Bloomingville is based on a wish to establish a serene universe of clean home fragrances, creating an all-embracing feel in every room. ILLUME x Bloomingville is created in close collaboration with the world leading expert in the field of home fragrance, ILLUME, and made from all-natural and pure ingredients.

Today, Bloomingville has been adopted by millions of homes as both a brand and a multi-brand house, releasing four main collections, various in-season collections and one gorgeous Christmas collection annually. The massive popularity and growth have not changed the Bloomingville mission: Delivering happy changes to everyday designers just like you. We are grateful for the first 20 years of doing so, and we hope to do so for many years to come.