27-28 september 2020


Over ons

We love where we live. We work from our home in Austria. We're involved in every facet of our operation, integrating our creative pursuits into our daily lives. Our decision to be hands-on means we control the achievement of our visions and gives us a sustained connection to our work. This is the simple yet vital formula behind Langackerhäusl, a two-person team with backgrounds in costume design, tailoring, graphic design and visual styling. We combine vast experience with self-taught artistry to produce our unique range of functional and decorative art. With each piece, we continually strive to reveal the strength, beauty and versatility of our medium: PAPER.
Built in 1885, Langackerhäusl is our house's name, which we proudly extend to the items we create there.

A merging of minds, hands and materials. Langackerhäusl and Daniel Hrach seamlessly unite paper and concrete.
Celebrating their mediums individual characteristics - and finding new ones together.
Flexible, sewable, concrete-fortified paper, created by Daniel Hrach.
Fashioned into paradoxical power accessories by Papier Langackerhäusl.