6-7 februari 2022



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The smartest and coolest way of taking care of your Haan’s on the go. USE IT ON THE GO Our modern lifestyle makes us live in a hurry all the time, always moving. We do not want you to worry about what you touch. HAAN gives you the freedom to continue living unforgettable experiences while taking care of your health & keeping your hands sanitized. POCKET SIZE:TRAVEL FRIENDLY MADE IN SPAIN ALOE VERA MOISTURIZES TURNING CARE AROUND Haan founders conceive a groundbreaking approach to the care and beauty industry. Social commitment is the main reason they are in this business. The brand carry out its activity in two faces: READY-TO-CARE Personal care products with a simple DNA: easy, portable and trendy. READY-TO-CHANGE. Haan promotes awareness on water crisis and supports local projects to bring clean water to people in developing countries. 20% of the profits are invested into organizations to build sustainable, community-owned water projects in Africa.