27-28 september 2020


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Jewelry brand Moesk. was founded in 2018 and consists of a loving partnership between mother Jet and daughter Kiki. The experimental, minimalistic, handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings are available in the materials silver 925 and solid gold 14k.

We care about people, the environment and sustainability and apply it with attention in our production. For our packaging and presentations we use natural and recycled materials. Our suppliers have joined the Gold Covenant, what means that the gold -and silver mining happens in a clean way.

We are the designers, the makers and the girls with whom you have directly contact with. So you know 100% sure where the jewelry came from and that the jewelry were produced in a fair way.

The makers
The idea of Moesk. started when Jet gave Kiki selfmade earrings as a gift. The compliments made about the design and the questions where Kiki had bought the earrings made us excited to make a collection and give other people the opportunity to wear the minimalistic earrings too.

The shared love for crafts, minimalism, experiment and accessories contributed to our special partnership.

Moes Jet expresses her creativity in goldsmithing and shares her expertise with Kiki. Kiki studied at the Design Academy and the Academy of Arts. Her sense of form and use of color combined with the experience of Jet makes Moesk. a perfect duo!

Moesk. Moesk. Moesk. Moesk. Moesk. Moesk.
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