7-8 februari 2021



Over ons

Kooduu is a lifestyle brand that creates unique, Nordic inspired products that bring people together. The company has Dutch and Danish roots and was founded in 2017 on the basis of togetherness, happiness, positive ambiance, coziness, innovation and putting a smile on people’s faces. Each product is created to reflect innovation, high quality, world-class design and Nordic elegance - first demonstrated in Kooduu’s Synergy products. This design Bluetooth speaker with LED light and multifunctional compartment ticks all of Kooduu’s high standard boxes, as do the Kooduu products that followed shortly after.

In addition to bringing people together, Kooduu’s products aim to achieve a certain sense of ‘hygge’, a quintessential Danish word that loosely translates into an atmosphere of coziness and conviviality, with an emphasis on contentment and enjoying life. This means all products are the perfect companion for any social event, such as a summer barbecue, indoor family gatherings, picnics in the park or a romantic evening for two on the patio.