4-5 september 2022



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9230 Wetteren Belgium

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Mother develops an ecosystem of user-friendly and highly sustainable products for home use that -just like a mother takes care of her children- wants to increase the quality of life for her customers.

Imagine tools that allow you to grow your own fresh & nutrient-rich food in the kitchen. Tools that enable to easily maintain plants in your home and filter your own waste water into potable water (in development).

Mother is based in Belgium and was founded in 2018 by Dries Bovijn, industrial engineer and lead of Mother's R&D team & Ann-Sofie Vandamme who is in charge of marketing and customer service.

Our products are a perfect match with planstores, gift & conceptstores, kitchen stores and interior stores.

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Let any space breathe nature. Harvest your own food automagically. Fresher and cheaper.
€ 439,00