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Fun & Functional Gifts
Giving is fun. And it becomes even more fun if the gifts
are not only funny, but also make sense and will be used
in everyday life. It’s our mission to create products that
are fun and make people laugh, as well as solving a
problem and becoming a utensil. “They’re fun products
and innovative products that have not been around
like that. They make people smile and are functional.
Plus they tell a story and one can talk about them”
Dr. Gabriel, founder and CEO of the company explains.


Our company has been built on solving a technical
problem, not on a need for a gift. We were not able
to boil eggs on point. “Sometimes they were too soft,
sometimes they were too hard, but rarely the way
I wanted them to be” Dr. Gabriel remembers.
The “brain” behind Brainstream wanted to invent
a product which solved his problem. So we hatched PiepEi – the singing floating egg timer – our first and most successful product.
Family Business - Made in Germany
The family owned and run company is committed to
“Made in Germany”, as production takes place in
Bielefeld, Germany. Most components are locally
sourced and will be purchased from suppliers nearby.
This does not only feel right, it also guarantees
high quality and flexibility.