1-2 september 2024



7 cité Paradis
75010 Paris France

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French and ambitious, Cabaia is a young brand offering stylish and ingenious accessories for everyday life ! All our products are vegan, highly resistant and guaranteed for life. The main idea is to make it last in time and bring you smile day after day :)

Backpacks with exchangeable pockets which let you personalize your bag and be unique. Our concept is World Tour in 80 bags :rocket: Multiple inside pockets, highly resistant nylon, collection of bags made out of recycled bottles, plenty and plenty of colours for every style and venues !

Full of colours and styles, welcome to our Beanies Bar : one beanie, 3 pompoms t exchange and adapt to every winter look. Every model has a cocktail name, so just choose your favourite :cocktail:
Made in Europe and distributed in the whole world - CABAIA socks are unseparable, thanks to a small bamboo button you will never again loose it in your washing machine :socks:

Many projects are yet to come! Stay tuned and let CABAIA enter in your life !