4-5 september 2022


Standnummer B.110


Bischofsweg 104
01099 Dresden Germany
+49 15774734783

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LUMENQI is a design label for wooden lifestyle and gift objects based in Dresden (Germany). The architect and founder Christina Kölling is working together with carpenters family businesses who practise their craftmanship in 5th Generation already.
That way they create high- quality wood products all handmade in the famous woodcraft region 'Erzgebirge'.
In comparison to the traditional woodcrafts of 'Erzgebirge' they have a modern minimalistic line and on top all the products have a functional use in the household. ‘We craft local in cooperation with craftsmen from the region and our care and attention for detail starts with the selection of wood. In order to offer our products in best quality, we have selected only high-quality woods for our little creations.’ – Christina.

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