4-5 september 2022




Domstraat, 18
3864PP Nijkerkerveen Nederland

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The things we value the most define what we do.
We believe that creativity, quality, love and nature make life beautiful.

At ONSHUS we love designing lifestyle products inspired by Scandinavian simplicity.
Home accessories that are timeless, unique, natural and elegant.
All of our products are of outstanding quality, beautifully crafted using the best materials.
Most of it produced locally, right here in the Netherlands.

We believe in providing comfortable, functional and desirable products
aiming to be environmentally friendly in production and use.
Use your own creativity & style supplemented with beautiful scents, textiles and objects to
create a nice atmospheric space to be in.
The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home.

You are welcome to visit us at our showroom in Nieuwegein or at www.onshus.nl

Yardena & Peggy

information & price list: info@onshus.nl

Office : ONSHUS, Domstraat 18 , 3864 PP Nijkerkerveen NL
06-53218021 (Peggy) - 06-25048472 (Yardena)

Showroom: De Woonindustrie, Symfonielaan 1, Nieuwegein NL