4-5 september 2022

Marias Paperdolls

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Cláudia Nair Cordeiro de Oliveira
Claudia Nair Oliveira

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“MARIAS” ARE DOLLS WITH IDENTITY AND SOUL. There are dolls and there are MARIAS " This is Marias Paperdolls motto, a contemporary concept of environmental approach that develops paper dolls and has the signature of the artist Claudia Nair Oliveira. Marias Paperdolls creation, had on its genesis, the mentors, who in 2011, saw in the paper recycling newspapers and magazines a way to materialize and express their artistic side. Each MARIA is unique and exclusive They are the face of a story, with its mood and personality, that are the result of the usage of simple materials such as paper, glue , water balloons and the complexity llustration technique : acrylic painting.The creation process - four hands made - is painstaking and time consuming and is preceded by a research work that is the inspiration for the story and the symbolism of each MARIA . For mentors, the allure of dolls creation is on the pleasure of telling a story and making them the mirror of an imagined behavior. "What fascinates us on developing the dolls is the pleasure to create an history and behavior imagined by us.