29-30 januari 2023

Klitmøller Collective

Standnummer J.370


Vangsåvej 12,
7700 Thisted Klitmøller Denemarken
+45 2078 2372

B2B Sales
Sole Brands International B.V. / Sole Agency
Rajko Oppier

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Klitmøller Collective is a lifestyle. Our ideas originate
from encounters, journeys and casual gatherings from
a lifetime of generations, bound together by the sea in
and around Klitmøller.We design for people who are
drawn to the raw Nordic nature.
We care about the environment and the people that
make our products. We use organic cotton, high quality
mulesing free wool and recycled yarns for our knitwear.
All knitwear is made in Portugal from premium yarns
from trusted suppliers. We always strive to use natural
and recycled fabrics and only manufacture in Portugal
where we carry out regular visits to our suppliers, to
audit working conditions, ensuring our products are
made in a fair and ethical way