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Breathe. Be present. Let nature in.
This is our mantra. We love what we do - picking the flowers and herbs, delicately arranging them, stirring, shaving, packaging - we love it all! It's important to always find time for the things that make you happy to be alive. For us, it's being in nature - feeling the nordic wind, smelling the moss and heather. How lucky are we to do what we love!
We created Munio back in 2008. It has always been a close-knit group of women who want to give people back the power of nature. The source from which we all originate but have lost in modern times. That's exactly why every candle is carefully and lovingly made by hand using only 100% natural soy and rapeseed waxes and fragrances.
In 2019 Munio Skincare was launched. The same mindset applies - bringing nature inside and letting it nurture our homes and now our bodies as well.
Feed your soul with our candles and your body with our skincare.
From our hands to your home!