3-4 september 2023



Egnatia 45str
54630 Thessaloniki Greece
0030 2310520911

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In our studio we combine our unique design and exceptional craftsmanship with unrefined materials to deliver stylish products for you and your personal spaces. Our products, mainly jewelry made of bronze and silver with gold and platinum plating options, are handmade with premium quality. We are inspired from natural forms and shapes. Our design philosophy attempts to recreate primitive cosmic patterns. We choose carefully our materials and the colors we apply. All our products creation process carries our design philosophy and aesthetic approach.
Based on the simplicity of an abstract form we have created series of jewelry with contemporary aesthetics that focus on everyday use. The idea lies at the gap between void and presence. In this sense, we reshape volumes to subtle shapes that approach postmodern aesthetics of everyday life jewelry.
The process of the design and production of our jewelry is in constant motion. The series are evolving while the creation is enriched with new techniques and ideas. Our artifacts mirror firstly our love for contemporary art, our philosophy of continuous artistic motion, our research on jewelry trends, our constant engagement with the jewelry, our participation in exhibitions in Greece and abroad.