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Gamcha - a universe full of colors and fun with handmade felt products by Nepalese women

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Grotendries, 23
1861 Wolvertem Belgium

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Troes Van den Steen
0032 474 487 904

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Gamcha - a universe full of colors and fun
Dear Friend of Gamcha
At Gamcha we do our best to design beautiful and unique products that can create beautiful and creatives universes in the child room. Gamcha's felt products are handmade by Nepalese women. Our goal by selling these felt products is to create more workplaces for women in Nepal who rarely have the same life conditions as men. Everyone is more than welcome to visit the production place which many have already done. The felt is made of wool which comes from New Zealand. Our bedding is made of the softest organic cotton and is designed with a lot of love from Denmark. We do our best to make beautiful and adventurous motives for the child to explore into. We hope you and your child will be happy with your Gamcha product.
Thank you very much for being a part of our adventure!
- Love and Hugs from the People of Gamcha

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