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Shangies by Stilov

Danish design - Made with you in mind.

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2100 Copenhagen Denmark

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Shangies by Stilov is a Danish brand founded by Maria Stilov in 2016, with a clear desire to create beautiful timeless pieces for the whole family, using high quality, durable and comfortable materials. Our Shangies sandals are designed from this desire and to fit your feet perfectly. From the airy insole made of reusable natural jute to the durable supportive yet flexible outsole and soft straps. Versatile, stylish and ideal for indoors and outdoors.

Today we have three different Shangies sandal styles for women, one unisex style, loved by both men and women, and one style for kids. The soft straps are available in a wide selection of colours, matching any outfit and any occasion.

It has been fascinating for me to create a design that has been so well received, not only in Denmark, but with retailers around the world, from Iceland to Dubai, and many more. From our head office in Copenhagen, we now deliver to selected retailers in more than 20 countries.
I hope to welcome you to become part of our Shangies family.
Maria Stilov

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Women#1 sandals
Women#1 sandals
This original Shangies style for women is available in a wide variety of colours. The soft footbed is covered with natural jute fabric, and the eye-catching straps provide a beautiful pattern and a very comfortable fit.
Women#2 sandals
Women#2 sandals
As all Shangies, Women#2 is made from great natural materials to ensure comfort and durability. The thin straps across the foot create a lovely pattern and the adjustable strap around the heel makes the sandal stay in place.
Women#3 sandals
Women#3 sandals
Our latest addition to the Shangies family. A high sandal which is perfect for work, shopping – and not least partying and dancing all night. Our Women#3 sandal has been developed with the exact same comfort well-known from our other Shangies sandals.
Unisex sandals
Unisex sandals
This versatile style is suitable for both men and women. The wider straps offer great support and ensure a very comfortable fit. The growing range of colours means that there’s a Unisex sandal to suit everyone.
Kids sandals
Kids sandals
The kids’ sandals are of the same great Shangies quality, as you know it. The jute used for the kids’ sandals is a tighter weave which makes it even softer and more gentle on the small feet.