1-2 september 2024

Tahtoy - Open-ended toys for creative people


Zuhtupasa Mah. Asım Us Sok. no:16/A Kadikoy
34724 Istanbul Turkey

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Founded by Kerem and Candan, Tahtoy is a company run by two artists who share the same studio and same attitude towards life. When life throws us lemons we juggle them. Growing up as two artists, we know by heart how creativity and playing enriches your life.

Playing is a serious business! That’s why we designed TAHTOY blocks with great thought and care. We took pen and paper in our hands and we traveled back to the days when playing was our only job. We looked through your eyes and imagined with your hands. Because we wanted you to be free during play.

Tahtoy invites the player to be the designer. We make the pieces, you make the toy. Tahtoy wooden blocks have endless combinations opening the gates of an adventurous world! It is a timeless, ageless, genderless and unguided toy that will be handed down to the future masters of play.