1-2 september 2024

Bonnie Studios

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1018EL Amsterdam Nederland

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Bonnie Studios
Carlijn Flint
+31 6 50697579

Over ons

Carlijn had a passion for jewelry since she was a litle girl. Born in 1987 in Laren, Carlijn grew up in an entrepreneurial family and developed an early love for colour, creativity and beauty. Her adventurous spirit led her to Amsterdam at the age of 18, and from that moment on, the world unfolded before her. As an enthusiastic traveller Carlijn enjoyed exploring new cultures and collecting memories.

Carlijn’s professional journey began with completing a degree in Museology, where her eye for beauty and love for culture and heritage came together. However, she found no fulfillment in traditional work environments, leading to various jobs in the media or at rapidly growing startups in Amsterdam. Despite her hard work, Carlijn often felt misunderstood in these organizations, resulting in a challenging time and hopping to dierent jobs. In March 2021, when the COVID pandemic hit us all, a turning point for Carlijn emerged.

While doing the course, Carlijn discovered her passion and realized she wanted to establish her own jewelry brand. A jewelry brand with and endless use of colour, a brand that truly makes you happy. With her eye for beauty, she immediately decided that with her jewelry, the locks should not be boring, ugly and merely functional, she wanted them to be beautiful and part of the piece. It shows her creative mind and out-of-the box thinking. After teaching her friends how to make jewelry and receiving their positive responses and enthusiasm;Bonnie Studios was born.

The brand is named after the daughter of friends her parents, with the aim of creating colourful, unique jewelry that radiates happiness and joy. For Carlijn, Bonnie is not just a business but also a step in her own development and entrepreneurship.


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Bonnie Studios
Bonnie Studios
Colourful Jewelry label
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